Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Tweet-worthy Sermon (A Tweet-laden Post)

I tweeted in church today.

I couldn't help it. First of all, to even be in church just excites my soul. Several months back, Cami hit a freaked-out-more-than-normal-by-crowds season, so I've been staying home with her on Sundays. A few weeks back, she decided she wanted to try going to church again. So we've been there for three weeks now.

I try to sit on the front row, as close to the middle as I can, for two reasons:
1. Our worship pastor leads from the center of the stage.
2. Our senior pastor preaches from the center of the stage.
(Do you detect a theme?)

I don't want to miss anything. And I don't want to be distracted by anything.

So I sit up front.

The thing is, I sometimes feel like I have a target on my forehead, and Marty just zings them towards me, and they stick every time. You know, messages from Jesus.

Lately I've been praying and journaling about a few things, asking God to tell me directly from His Word what He thinks, what He wants. Two weeks in a row, through Marty's sermons, I've heard Him oh, so clearly.

Marty's been preaching through the Gospel of Matthew verse by verse. Last week, he started a series from Matthew's gospel called "Dispel the Darkness." From Matthew 4:12, he preached about how unpopular we'll be when we dispel the darkness in our lives and relationships, when we say to our family, "There's an elephant in the room, and it's sin. God doesn't like it. We need to talk about the elephant and how we're going to deal with it as a family."

Well. Okay then.

This week, the direct messages from God to me through Marty are so in-my-face (on-my-forehead), I had to archive them somehow.

So I tweeted them:

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