Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just a Little Talk

Finances have become a big issue lately. Michael works in the financial industry, and the economy has really messed with his company this past year. Part of Michael's salary package is supposed to be health benefits and a year-end bonus based on performance. He hasn't received a cost-of-living pay raise in three years, the health insurance rates go up exponentially every year, and this year he won't receive any bonus. No one in his department will because there isn't money to pay out bonuses.

Now we have a mortgage. We're so grateful he is employed. Yet, if our financial income maintains status quo, the cost of living in Northern Virginia feels like it's going to drown us.

In all of this angst, include my wanting (needing?) to get away to a conference, one that's relevant to my life and experience right now. Money to attend extra things like conferences and retreats is a God-will-have-to-miraculously-provide-for-me-to-go kind of thing. There's a Lifeway Abundance Conference in April in Eden Park, MN that I've asked God to make a way for me to attend. The conference speakers include moms to homeschoolers and writers for tween-agers. I think I would learn more and walk away with practical experience, as well as get my worship bucket filled (Travis Cottrell, Jennifer Rothschild, Kelly Minter, and Sara Groves!), at a conference like this one.

I've asked a friend to pray about going with me, but we'll see. Michael thinks he has enough hotel points and frequent flyer miles to use for plane ticket and rental car, all the conference will cost is my registration fee and food for the weekend. It sounds so do-able that I'm hoping and praying--with open hands.

We are so confident in God's financial provision for us. I've had some fearful moments lately when I slip back into childhood patterns of poverty-thinking and panicked mindsets. But God is rooting out those lies. I don't even listen to the enemy when he sounds so reasonable about putting Cami back into public school and finding a job outside of the home. God has absolutely said otherwise. I do wonder if I should send out some articles to see if I can get them published. I went that road once before Cami was born, but I don't know if print publishing even pays anymore for freelance writing.

Anyway...sorry to ramble on. Did I mention I'm a verbal processor? :o) 

My verse in all of this thinking/processing/dreaming? My verse for the year:
Ephesians 5:13-14:
Everything exposed by the light becomes visible, for it is light that makes everything visible. This is why it is said: "Wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you."
You don't see how it relates to my post? 

I don't either. But I'm still clinging to it.

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