Friday, February 10, 2012

In Which I Create a Facebook Group

In the past year, our family's circumstances have changed to where I no longer attend our church's weekly women's Bible study, and we no longer attend a weekly church home group. In support of my husband's ministry and in coping with my daughter's struggle with crowds, I haven't been to church in months. 

When I asked God what to do about staying in community for vulnerability and accountability, He prompted me to start my own group, maybe including people who already do life with me but not necessarily with each other. You know: a safe place of accountability.

So I made a Facebook list. I included 14 Facebook friends on my list because they've been my "go-to" folks to pray for me and my family. 
Imagine my surprise to receive requests to join this "private Facebook group." I thought it was just a list. My list. For me. 

Now we're a Facebook group. 

When my friend Betty shared a request for her son, God's nudging went a little further. So we're a group. Maybe God wants it that way. I asked the folks on my list if we could pray for each other. I told them to let me know if they preferred to not be part of this Facebook group. One friend was honest enough to tell me no, she didn't want to be part of an e-group.

So I deleted most of my original list. After all, I didn't mean it to be a group. I just thought it would be an easy way to send out prayer requests on Facebook. You know, if something should happen like it has before. I kept four other friends on the list, four friends who know me well and (I think) know each other. Let's see what God does with this little list.

I mean group.

By the way, if you inadvertently create a Facebook group, you can't delete the group. You can, however, delete each individual group member, including yourself, and Facebook will take care of the rest. Facebook automatically deletes groups with no members.

Good to know.

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