Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving (A Conversation with Cami)

As I tuck my 11-year-old Treasure into her loft bed, she looks down at me with those huge hazel eyes and says,
"Mom, I have so much to be thankful for this week."
The Holy Spirit whispers, "Pay attention now."
I say, "Tell me what you're thankful for."
Cami says, "Well, since growing up isn't bothering me right now because I've decided to not think about what might happen in the future and I'm only going to live in today," deep breath, "I don't really have any problems right now."
I smile and say, "It feels really good to not have any problems, doesn't it?"
Cami says, "The only problem I have is that sometimes other people--you know, kids--think I'm weird."
It grieves my heart when she says this. "How do you know they think you're weird?"
She calmly says, "The way they look at me sometimes." A pause; then, "But that's okay. Even I think I'm weird."
I have committed to speaking truth over my daughter to try to counteract all the lies.  I open my mouth and let the Truth fly. "Sweetness, you aren't weird. You are unique, and God made you exactly the way you are for His purposes, which include showing His glory through you."
Cami says, "I know, Mom. They think I'm weird in a crazy way, but I think I'm weird in a good way."
It's quiet for a beat while I listen for the Holy Spirit's prompt of what to say next, how to encourage her, how to build her up.
I'm surprised at what I speak next. "You know what? People think I'm weird, too."
Cami says, "But in a good way," and smiles.
I say, "I like you. A whole lot."
Cami smiles her beautiful smile.
I'm grateful to be living life with this Treasure of a girl. How blessed I am.
Counting my many blessings.

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