Monday, June 27, 2011

Then Cami Said...

We watch “The Land Before Time” at our house. A lot. We have seen every installment of the movie franchise, and own a great many of them ourselves. (I think they’re on number 14 or something ridiculous like that.)

Cartoon Network now shows a daily installment of this Cami-loved cartoon. I’ve set the DVR to record each episode. We watched the first one and had an insightful conversation.

Cera, the triceratops, was talking to her dad about a game all the little dinosaurs wanted to play. The game was called Log Running. It’s a race to see who could stay running on the log the longest while floating in the water. Cera’s dad had told her that triceratops can do anything they set their minds to. Then, when he heard about the Log Running game, he told her, “Forget about playing that game, Cera. Three-horns can’t do that.”

Cami said, “Uh oh. Cera’s going to disobey her dad.”

I said, “Yeah? What do you think will happen?”

Cami said, “Well, when you disobey, things always get worse.” I thought this insight was profound.

Then Cami said, “That’s why I obey sometimes.”

Oh, Cami, my Cami.

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