Monday, January 10, 2011

God's Promise and Gifts

What a day today has been. My girl is sick. Really sick. We negotiated a doctor visit (more on that in another post--later). We procured antibiotics for her sinus/ear infection(s). And MucinexDM.

I'm blessed with an incredible ministry team at Breakaway. They find more patience for me when I get behind in making the PowerPoint presentation. They quickly step in and lead when I can't. They pray all the time. Really.

As I finished attaching the video for tomorrow to my email, I clicked on one more You Tube from the same drama troupe. I received a word from God.

I'm not sure exactly what particular promise God was talking about, but I'll let you know when I look up and see it.

It's Monday. Here is my list in the running tally of God's graces to me. (Thank you, Ann.) I'm counting to 1,000. . .and beyond! So glad to be part of this Gratitude Community.

#11. antibiotics

#12. praying friends

#13. merciful ministry partners

#14. parents who call because I haven't called them in "a few days"

#15. wi-fi in my house so I can finish computer tasks in my bed while my husband sleeps beside me

#16. NASA who posts photos of galaxies and nebulae and quasars (that's another post, too)

#17. vegetable soup just like Granny Williams used to make every Sunday night

#18. library books that can be renewed online or by phone

#19. Donita Strong, Creative Arts Ministry Assistant at Burke Community Church (she ROCKS!)

#20. clean drinking water

Thank You, Daddy God, for Your thousands, trillions, immeasurable gifts to me....

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