Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Decade

Everywhere I look, folks are reflecting on 2009 and setting goals for 2010. When I look at 2009, December fills up my rear-view mirror.

It was a hard month.

There is so much stirring in my deep heart and subconscious mind. I'm avoiding excavating it. Not sure why exactly, except that I don't have the gumption. Yet.

I have set some goals for 2010:
*writing every day
*reading every day
*keeping a list of unfamiliar words (and their definitions--building my word power)
*scripture every day (building my Word power)
*a space of silence every day, even if I must impose it
*reading every book on my bookshelves
*playing everyday (even when it feels uncomfortable and awkward)

Basically, I hope to put some discipline in my everyday existence. I hope to excavate December's experience and mine it for the heavenly treasure I know the Father has layered there. I want to learn to live fully present, authentic and pliable, in every moment. I want to see His glory in me.

Words for 2010:

Here we go. . .

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