Tuesday, November 3, 2009


A friend of mine is facing uterine cancer surgery on Friday. When Michael said to her, "I heard some news about you, and it wasn't good," she said,

"You heard wrong."

Cancer not bad news?

She looked Michael square in the eyes and said, "I get to be a cancer survivor. I get to add that to my testimony."


Listen to the conversation Jesus is having with me this week:

Friday: "Candi, is it enough just to know why you're hurting? Or do you want to be healed?"

Saturday: "So what if it's cancer? Am I not bigger than that? You say you'll worship Me no matter what (desert, oasis, storm, calm, death life). Really? Will you really?"

Sunday: (from Bring the Rain's blog post) "Do you want to get well?"

Monday: (from a pillar of faith in Jesus) Cancer is an opportunity; she "gets to be a cancer survivor."

TODAY: (From Beth Moore teaching from Psalm 139) " 'You know what? You're capable of more than this. I know what is in you!' And it is one of God's goals to get us to come forth and be the person He knows we can be. We will just say over and over again, 'I'm too weak for this!' And He goes, 'You know what? You can do all things through Christ Who strengthens you, Whose Spirit is inside of you. You are a warrior, not a wimp! I know what you are capable of!' "


Brittany said...

I stand amazed.......

Dave Hayes said...

Cancer is being healed through prayer in larger numbers than at any time in recent history. Here's just one testimony:


keep praying,