Friday, October 23, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Yes, I know: it's not even Halloween.

But Cami's singing Christmas songs, watching Christmas movies, and putting Christmas cards in envelopes all the same.

Yesterday, she made a snowman in the living room.

Yep. You guessed it: his name is Frosty. Earlier in the day, she watched Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July. It was truly a terrible video, but she watched it because she'd "never seen this one before." (If you're interested in a plot summary, read it on Wikipedia. Save yourself the 97 minutes of video torture.)

The faithful purple ball served as Frosty's head. We bought that ball for Cami when she was 2 years old. It's lop-sided now, but she still plays with it. She was very proud of how she balanced the broom in Frosty's hand, but she was extremely disappointed that we don't have anything that will serve as a top hat. Because that's where Frosty's magic is, you know: it's all in the hat.
"Mom, may I borrow your coat? Mine's too small to work."
"Sure, honey. And thanks for asking."
What you can't see is the vacuum cleaner which is shoring up Frosty's backside. He was leaning a bit. . .

Before the day was through, in addition to Frosty in the living room, she used her actual snow sled to make a sleigh with a bag of toys "display" in the basement. At first, her big black plastic horses were the reindeer, but I think she traded out the horses for stuffed animals (dogs, of course). (Sorry; I didn't capture that scene on camera.)

While I was making supper, I heard Cami talking in the living room. I thought she was talking to Roscoe. It turns out she was making a video.

Unfortunately, she didn't know that our digital camera takes video without recording audio. Although you can't hear her voice, you can tell what she's saying by where she's pointing the camera. Pay close attention when she shows you Frosty's corn cob pipe, his button nose, and his two eyes made out of coal. If you're prone to motion sickness, you might want to skip viewing this one. It's really just for the grandparents anyway.

In addition to inventive source material for her creations, my girl's one for details as well. For our Happy Birthday Jesus party last year, Michael bought this DVD that has different scenery videos (like screen savers, only videos to play on your TV during parties and such). These videos do have audio, so the fireplace crackles, the fireworks boom, and the aquarium bubbles.

Cami chose the snow-out-the-window scene. Guess what sound it makes?

Jingle bells. Over and over and over.

It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas at our house. And it's only October.

Ahhhh. Life with Cami the Brilliant. How blessed am I.


Jay Campbell said...

Watching the silent tour was fun. I could almost hear the narration in my head. I'm ready for Christmas - let's just skip Halloween and Thanksgiving and get right to the best season of the year. Hark!! Is that Rudolph or the Herald Angels I hear? Maybe both.
Love you, Cami girl.

betsy caƱas garmon said...

It made me smile when you called Cami a Brilliant. And I think you'll smile to know that even though you gave disclaimers about "no audio", I still turned up the sound on my computer before I hit play. :-P

Give The Girl a squeeze from Aunt Betsy! (and tell her that she's inspired me to go downstairs & light a cinnamon candle.)

Deborah Ann said...

Hi Candi,

I read your comment on Jennifer's blog about Mormons. I just found this video today in my mailbox, thought you might find it helpful:

Sarah Dawn said...

What a perfect Frosty! And is that a Cairn terrier in the pics?

Delighted to meet you tonight and splash around. Don't worry, if I get a bit carried away, I'll clean up any messes :)

Splashing for His glory,
Sarah Dawn

Brittany A said...

Gotta love Cami! :)