Monday, August 3, 2009

Joel Belz on Truth

". . .life is not simply a long laundry list of unrelated and chaotic fragments, all to be reported in some sort of aloof and detached way. Life is instead a coherent God-ordained truth system. Within that system, if we tell you the truth about this week's news, the likelihood is that you'll come to trust us to tell you the truth about other things as well. . .

". . .that, you see, is the nature of truth. That is the way truth-telling works. It's coherent system that constantly--in every field of human inquiry and endeavor--keeps leading us back to a Creator God who tells us: "Do it My way, and you'll be surprised at how common themes emerge, and how the inter-connectedness of My creation and providence leap out at you."

From "Millennial Moments" in World Magazine, August 1, 2009, p. 6.

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