Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's Still August, and I'm Still in Awe.

I have to confess: it's been two days since I met God in His Word.

He has still met me, though. He came looking for me, whispering my name with encouraging comments on my blog, free tickets to the local Beth Moore Living Proof simulcast this weekend, and sweet hugs from my girl.

I'm so glad for grace.

I homeschool my 9-year-old girl, and we are really struggling this week! God is in our midst:

through discovering clumps of caterpillars "by accident" just this morning
(they now reside in our Butterfly Pavilion);

by way of discovering how much many of our founding fathers loved Him
(and making a powdered wig out of Kleenex for the favorite stuffed animal just to celebrate--unprompted by the mommy/teacher);

in watching my beautiful daughter with learning differences

draw beautiful pictures,

write me personal message;

read the fire out of book after book after book.
We're trying to be on purpose about subjects studied and schedules kept,
and we are running into old fears, heartaches, and grief (both the mommy and the child!).

We've had neck aches, arm and shoulder aches, headaches, and tummy aches.

We've stayed up late and slept in the tub. (Not kidding! This is a new one for her. . .)
Please pray for us homeschooling moms and dads,
that we will keep the Main Thing the main thing
(to model what it looks like to love the LORD our God with all our hearts, souls, minds, and strength,
and to love our neighbors as ourselves).

Thank You, Jesus, for the calling to homeschool.

Oh, Holy Spirit, PLEASE give me the
creativity, and
to train up my child in the way she should go,
while I'm teaching her to
love, and
bear Your light well.

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Brittany said...

Love you, friend!