Tuesday, July 28, 2009

God in the Details

Beth Moore posted a challenge to us "Siestas" yesterday on the Living Proof blog:

He is not only a God of the big things. Perhaps what astonishes us most in each of our private journeys with Him is that He is a God of the smallest, most intimate details. A God who does things with personal significance only He and we could have known. So, let's boast in that very dimension of our God today. Give a one-paragraph story of how He went out of His way and far beyond coincidence to show You His love...OR, used you in some detailed way to demonstrate His love to someone else.

Here is my reply (okay, so it's a really long paragraph):

God has kissed my cheek in SO MANY ways during my lifetime: a hummingbird at eye level right outside the storm door as I opened it to head to church late and in a rush; a keyboard left on my front porch the day before my birthday-- the exact model and style I had secretly asked for months earlier, telling no one but God; a van for Christmas, an out-of-the-blue gift from a friend who didn't know the specifics in the prayer I'd prayed three weeks earlier but just happened to purchase a make and model that fit all the asked-for criteria. The most recent blatant kiss from God was just last week as I watched a video from "Wednesdays with Beth" on Life Today. Our church purchased the DVD sets and I've been showing them as the summer curriculum for the women's Sunday school class. Last week we watched "God's Purpose for You." I believe, Beth, you taught that session three or so years ago during your first year of doing television shows with James and Betty. Yet, here I was just last week, asking God about the specific direction He wants me to go in ministry, wondering if He's done with me in ministry, needing a blow-me away/that-was-just-for-me word from God. You used as your main text Acts 13:36: "For when David had served God's purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep; he was buried with his fathers and his body decayed." You challenged us to put our own names in that verse: you used "Sarah" and "Karen" as examples, I think. Then you said, "When Cassandra had served God's purpose in her own generation, she fell asleep; she was buried with her fathers and her body decayed." You took the next hour's teaching to encourage us that we do have purpose--specific purpose--in God's economy, purpose for our own generation, not our mothers' or our children's generations. You reminded us that fulfilling God's purpose for us is the only legacy we leave on earth after we "fall asleep." Beth, what no one at church knows, and what you didn't know three years ago when you gave those specific examples, is that my given birth name is "Cassandra." Most people know me as "Candi." But through your words speaking God's truth five states away three years ago, Jesus called my name, here, last week. I felt my Heavenly Father kiss my cheek with a big, fat, sloppy kiss. Thank you, Beth, for all that you do for Jesus. Through your ministry, He blesses and heals us in ways you will never know.
--Candi in Northern Virginia

I'm strengthening my redemptive memory. You know: recalling the ways God has come through for me, showed up in my daily existence, been attentive to me.

How about you? I'd love to hear about your God moments.

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