Sunday, June 21, 2009


"Even today, it still stings to feel her loss. But I appreciate the sting because it reminds me that she is still in my heart."
---Rose commenting on this blog

This "sting" pricked my heart on this Church Day.

Our pastor mentioned Islam as being the fastest-growing religion in the United States, and immediately my heart stilled.

Pastor Marty then explained what Muslims believe about the Messiah--Al-Mahdi--and my interested was piqued.

The song following the sermon engaged my heart, and the words I'd sung many times took on new import:

Open the blind eyes; unlock the deaf ears; come to Your people as we draw near.
Hear us from heaven; touch our generation; we are Your people crying out in desperation.

More beauty from ashes.

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Bill and Midge said...

Your post was such an encouragement to me. The song you mentioned, to say the least, was very rough around the edges. The piano took the lead, and I literally felt sick to my stomach before the first service knowing how inadequate we were to "pull this off". So I prayed.(always a good idea!) I prayed God would cover my mistakes, and use that song to accomplish His purposes even in our shortcomings. If I live on this earth 100 years I will never cease to be amazed by the working and power of the Holy Spirit. He truly can do more than we ever could imagine.