Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 30, 2009

Me: Good morning, Cami!

Cami: Hey! I'm nine!

Me: Yes, you are!

Within the hour:

Cami (on her knees on the floor with tears streaming down her cheeks): I wish it was tomorrow! I don't want to be nine!

Me: Honey, you'll still be nine tomorrow.

Cami (with great angst at the unfairness of time's passing): But I don't WANT to be nine! I want to be five again!

(Why five, I'm not totally sure.)

Lunch and library time will make it all good again.

That, and the Holy Spirit comforting her heart. He is good, and He is for her.



Brittany said...

Awwwww. Five was my favorite age when I was younger. Ask my grandma. Before I turned five, it was like my dream just to be five years old. There's a lot less worrying at that age... Not as much insecurity and self-consciousness. Free spirited, unhindered creativity... I kinda miss it too :)

Jennifer said...

Oh, yes. This sounds familiar ... (I'm a mom of two girls.)

I also remember when my baby brother was in tears, one day before he was to turn five years old. He sobbed and sobbed, because he wanted to "stay four forever." ;-)

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Delighted to meet you!