Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Grief Overheard

While I was driving Cami's playmate home today, the following conversation was precious music to my soul. Per usual circumstances, Cami did most of the talking.

Cami asked her friend who lost her dad in a free diving incident five years ago: "Where were you when your dad died?"

Her friend: "Asleep. I was taking a nap, I think."

Then Cami started whispering.

"I wasn't there when my cousin Fidg died."


"I went to his funeral though."


"All the funerals I've been to. . .well, you know. . .the thing. . .well, it was half-opened. But not with Fidg. That would've, you know, made it harder."

Long pause.

"You know how they say when one star dies, another one takes its place? Well, guess what? It happens just like that with babies. Fidg died, and guess what? Another cousin was born. To the same family!"

A big sigh.

Then whimsically, with fondness in her voice: "Oh, the things God does."

Oh, indeed, the things God does.


revnace said...

He does such great things. Blessed are the children...

Joshua said...


such depth in cami. Simple, but deep. I see why God wants us like that...

thanks for sharing that moment