Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Little Green Leaves

I'm tracing my family tree using Ancestry.com and Family Tree Maker software. I guess you could call it my hobby. I love seeing how some of my family lines intersect at surprising places, and how my past generations fit into history's timeline.

My favorite Ancestry.com feature by far is the little green leaves, otherwise known as Ancestry hints. Ancestry.com takes the information you've entered into your family tree and compares it with all the other bits of information eveyone else in the world has entered about other people and other family trees. The results are little green leaves that you can click on to see the connections the search engine has made.

Mind you, you can't just attach the hint. You have to view the information with a discerning eye, checking the birth and death dates and verifying the locations, making sure the information is really about your family.

True, many of the hints I've attached to my family have been educated guesses.

But it sure is nice to see those little green leaves pop up. At least it's a place to start.

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Brittany said...

Cool! :) I hope we're related!