Thursday, March 5, 2009

Six Months Later

I found this conversation in my blog drafts folder. I think it's from last fall, when we were trying to navigate the crushing weight of grief that sat on our home.

On that night, as I tucked her into bed, Cami's ponderings broke my heart and made me cry.

On this day, six months later, her hope of heaven comforts me and makes me smile.

Cami: I’m sad that Cotton Candy (her pink Webkin pony) won’t ever get to meet Fidg. It’s too late because we’ll never see him again. (See this post.)

Me: No, not here on earth.

Cami: Yeah, now Fidg lives in a new place, in a new house—in Jesus’ house.

Cami: Do you think he’s met my brothers and sisters in heaven? (See this post.)

Me: I’m sure he has. Just think: now they have a cousin to play with in heaven just like you have a cousin to play with here on earth.

Cami: Yeah--and they all get to play with the angel collies.

Me: Angel collies?

Cami: Yes--all my brothers and sisters get to play with the angel collies.

The angel collies are the guardian angel dogs that Cami pictures in her mind when she thinks about Buddy dying. The angel collies accompanied him to heaven so he wouldn't be nervous or scared.

Jesus, I heard You had a big house. I'm glad to think You probably have a big yard, too, for all those children and dogs to play together.

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