Saturday, March 14, 2009

Signs of Spring

It's been a long, gray winter.

So much grief. So much excavation, sorting through patterns, sifting for truth.

But spring is coming. The subterranean level of my heart is shifting, and I am finding a firmer place to stand. On snowy days, butterflies emerge. On private blogs, freedom blooms.

How like God to give me hope everywhere I look:
in the forms I expect, like these first blooms on the trees at the end of our street;

in places I thought were unfruitful, like this lilac bush in the front yard;

in ways I didn't expect but delight me so, like this first ladybug on the first weeds in my garden;

and in rocky, barren spots where nothing else is growing, like this dirt pile in our backyard.

Such brilliant colors, such sweet breezes, so much life.

Spring is coming.

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Betsy said...

and now you know why I garden ...