Tuesday, March 3, 2009


My husband commented on a recent post:
And even though it's not yet Spring, Parsley has a new name with his new birth. March.
Because, Cami says, "he was born in March."

March: (noun) advance; progress; forward movement

March: (verb) to walk in a stately, deliberate manner; to go forward; advance; proceed

Spring is coming.

There's a recurring theme happening in life lately, an echo of the motif God began singing over me last year: Take the next step. Don't look ahead to where you'll eventually have to walk. Just take the next step.

Spring is coming. Even though six inches of snow still covers my yard, even though it's currently 18 degrees outside my window (with a predicted low of 7 degrees), even though the winter is stretching seemingly endlessly in front of me, Spring is coming. I have the butterfly in my house to prove it.

I just have to take the next step. And sometimes, I can only manage one step per day. Some days that means I take a shower before noon. Other days that means I get Cami up before noon. Some days that means I write. Other days that means I take a shower before noon.

I'm determined to live up to my new name: Beloved. I'm determined to believe Spring is on its way. I'm determined to live loved.

I'm determined to keep taking the next step.

March the Black Swallowtail Butterfly (formerly known as Parsley the Caterpillar)

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Christy said...

Hey Candi....just happened to stumble across your blog and it absolutely blessed me! Then I was scrolling through your list of books that changed you and I saw "Your God Is Too Safe".....Pastor Mark just happens to be my church pastor who also married me and dedicated my daughter! Blessing to you as you proclaim the love of Jesus through the world wide web!