Monday, March 2, 2009

Back in 1943. . .

on this day an incredibly special woman was born. In honor of Momma Judy's birthday, I want to tell you seven things I'll bet you didn't know about her (in no particular order of significance):

1. She graduated from high school on a US Air Force base in Tripoli, Libya in North Africa.

2. She is a bowling champion. (She has the trophy to prove it.)

3. She chaperoned every chorus trip my sister and I ever took in junior high and high school.

4. She once rode the Swinging Vines with me at Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL. (Think spinning teacups, only mid-air.) We had to sit still on a bench for about an hour after that.

5. She makes the largest homemade biscuits known to man. My house was the house to hang out at when she whipped up the pot of chili accompanied by the "cat-head" biscuits (so called because they're the size of a cat's head).

6. She set our kitchen on fire one time. That's how I know not to throw water on a grease fire. (Use baking soda.)

7. Her granddaughter says, "She can about fix anything. Any kind of food, broken things. . .and she likes dogs."

There you have it. Happy Birthday, Momma Judy/Grammy. I love you.

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Betsy Canas Garmon said...

I am inspired, hungry & surprised. (not in any particular order - sort of all at the same time!)

Love me some Mama Judy!