Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Celebrate With Me!

Right now, Cami is upstairs in her loft bed, leaning against her purple propping pillow, reading.


She's reading Lassie Come Home. (Her choice.) When I checked on her just now, she had those I'm-going-to-cry-at-any-second eyes. I asked her if she was okay.

Cami: I'm fine. You know what? Joe's dad sold their dog.


Cami: But it'll be okay. Lassie will make it home eventually.


Cami: At least, she did in the movie.

Me: Cami, you know your daddy and I would never sell our dog.

Cami: I know.

Me: It was sad that Joe's dad sold their dog, huh?

Cami: Yeah.

She covered her head with the open book. Then she looked at me with tears finally brimming over.

Cami: Especially because Lassie always waited for him.

She went back to reading.



Lizzy Deaton said...


betsy caƱas garmon said...

Am I allowed to say this?
"I told you so..."
Yes, I think I'm allowed to say it.

AND not only is she reading, she is being moved by story. Oh my.