Monday, September 15, 2008

Will I Ever Get My House In Order?

It's been a full day, yet when I look around, it doesn't look like I've done anything.

I found myself making a mental list of my activities today (Yes, Bets---a LIST!):

*got out of bed (it's a good day when I accomplish this)
*took a shower and put on real clothes (it's a great day when I accomplish this!)
*talked to my [recently retired] mom
*went to the doctor for my yearly physical (where I took off the real clothes and put on paper ones---joy!)
*visited Kmart for the first time in over a year (I didn't purchase anything)
*talked to Betsy
*ate at KFC for the first time in many years (and it will be many, many years before I eat there again)
*visited Melisa and talked about teaching writing to a 7th grader
*collected a black swallowtail caterpillar and a whole lot of parsley from Evonnie
*deposited same caterpillar into our recently vacated Butterfly Treehouse
*collected an unidentified caterpillar off of my miniature rose plant (no, it's not a rose slug)
*learned about rose slugs from the Internet
*got mad at Michael (he asked "What's for dinner?")
*cried A LOT
*made up with Michael
*ate popcorn and Raisinettes
*did some laundry and loaded the dishwasher
*filled two 30-gallon sized lawn trash bags with stuff to donate to Good Will
*took four large-ish boxes to the curb with the trash
*made a list that I count as a blog

Looks like I did a lot.

Doesn't feel like it when I see the stacks of toy totes in the living room and the sea of stuffed animals on the floor in Cami's room.

Thank You, Jesus, for a house to clean and food to make dishes dirty (and a dishwasher to clean them!).

Thank You, Jesus, for a soft bed and pillow to sleep on--and a loving husband to sleep beside.

Thank You, Jesus, for a healthy imaginative child to leave toys everywhere.

I really am blessed beyond measure.


Brittany said...

I make lists all the time... :)
sometimes they overwhelm me though, so at times, I avoid it.
we must talk sometime this's been way to long missy.

betsy said...

this post is:

* brilliant in its form (wink)
* authentic (which adds to its brilliance)
* really full and really simple (simultaneously)
* brimming with word pictures (which IMHO means it is brimming with insight)
* turns delightfully at the end illuminating a path to worship (did you do this on purpose? or just reveal the path that was revealed to you?)

Candi said...

Wow. It did take a turn toward worship. That was the Holy Spirit in me, you know. Maybe I am writing all this worship stuff for just me.

Thanks for pointing out the growth!

BTW, one of the worship class attenders asked me today if you were teaching this material there where you are.

I said, "That is a really good question!" 8-}