Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Boxed A Boxwood

. . . and I won.

This is what happens when you're foolish enough to try to garden after dark:

No stitches. No eye injury. No scratches to the new glasses.

Thank You, Jesus, for corrective lenses. (And angels to protect my eyeball in spite of my foolishness.)


Lizzy Deaton said...

oh my goodness . . . how in the world did you do that???

betsy said...

your eyes are the most amazing color! (not the hematoma part - the iris part. :))

revnace said...

Wow, thankful but you are on quite a roll.

Brittany said...

oh wow! I'm glad your eyes aren't poked out. That must have really hurt. :( Feel better!!!
btw, your irises happen to be my favorite color, just so you know. :)