Monday, August 11, 2008

A Sweet Note from Banfield Pet Hospital

In this summer of grief, we have received many emails, calls, and cards of condolences.

We've appreciated everyone's thoughts and prayers.

This card, though, is the only one that made me cry. It arrived on a day that I was regretting not getting a casting of Buddy's paw print. When he was with us, I thought it would be nice to do---maybe make a Christmas ornament---but two things kept me from ever following through with the idea:

1. Buddy hated for anyone to touch his feet.

2. It seemed like a cheesy idea when I thought it through, like something those crazy people who give their dogs their own rooms and wardrobes would do.

We received this last Friday in the mail:

If you ever need an excellent vet, go to Banfield Pet Hospital inside of PetSmart at Fair Lakes Center. Dr. Foreman went above and beyond in her care for our Buddy. In the end, Dr. Bayomi and Dr. Chun were compassionate, yet forthright and honest about Buddy's future. Nurse Donna promised she wouldn't leave him, and she had tears in her eyes as she took him in the back.

Banfield has provided excellent care in every location we've been (Chicago, California, Florida, and Virginia). Banfield Fair Lakes made letting Buddy go bearable.

And they sent me his paw print.

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