Thursday, August 21, 2008

A New Point of View

I got new glasses today.

Within five minutes of leaving the optometrist's office, I was motion-sick. It was like when we traded our analog television for high definition. Everything I saw was crisper, clearer, and seemed to move faster.

And it made me nauseous. (nauseated? I never can remember which form of the word is an adverb and which is an adverb.)

Our eyes work as a team, you know. Each eye takes in an image and transmits it to the brain. The brain then translates that image into meaning. When Cami was younger, she had 20/20 vision in each eye---but they didn't work together. Her eyes moved independently of each other, and she didn't have any depth perception. The eye surgeon actually detached the muscles on both eyes that control her eye movement, and reattached them so that her eyeballs would see straight. Now she can't cross her eyes even if she wants to.

It took about a year before her brain adjusted to the new way her eyes worked. She can now tell where the ground is. She can catch a ball. She can climb a ladder without freaking out.

As the afternoon wore on, the nausea subsided. My brain caught up with the clarity my eyes were transmitting. I didn't high-step, or miss any curbs, or fall down any stairs.

I can actually see a lot better now.


Brittany said...

yay a new point of view!!
Can I see a picture of you with your new glasses? :) hmm?

mandy said...

Where did you go? Not to get glasses, but because there are no new posts...

Hope everything is ok.