Thursday, July 17, 2008

Being the Body

--- On Wed, 7/16/08, melisa cassell wrote:
From: melisa cassell
Subject: Please pray for the Dickersons
Date: Wednesday, July 16, 2008, 8:54 PM

Hi all,

On Wednesday morning, Michael & Candi Dickerson's 5-year-old nephew died from head injuries sustained when his swing set fell on top of him. They are headed to Nashville to be with their family and attend the child's funeral on Friday.

Please pray for the Dickerson family. Michael & Candi are clinging to Jesus as they seek to comfort & minister to his brother & family.

Please pray also for their precious 8-year-old daughter, Cami, as she grieves the loss of her cousin.

Thank you,
melisa c.

My friend Melisa sent this email to the praise team at our church. Her thoughtfulness touched me so. (She's my BFF, one of two that God has blessed me with. If we ever all three get in the same room praying, it just might be Pentecost Again!)

I wanted to let you all know what's going on.

Michael's grandfather died the June 14. He'd been sick for awhile, and he was 90 years old. Michael didn't cry. It wasn't a surprise.

This is. I'm so sad, I can't think straight enough to gather everything to pack and get on the road tomorrow. I'm exhausted---but unsettled enough to be up writing email.

And a blog.

We're hoping to be on the road by 10 a.m. It's 13 hours to Joelton, TN. Please pray that we'll find a decent hotel as we call around tomorrow, maybe even one with a bereavement rate (thanks, Nace, for that reminder). The rental SUV is outside waiting for us to pack it. God has provided just enough credit and the IRS Economic Stimulus check in the mail YESTERDAY (Praise You, Jehovah-Jireh!), so we have enough funds to make it down there. How long we stay and how well we eat is still to be determined.

Michael has teared up many times today. This is HARD. He finally sobbed in my arms tonight before he went in the office to pick up all he needs to work remotely. Cami heard him from her bedroom, so she was aware something had shifted in the fabric of our "normal."

We told Cami her cousin Fidg (short for his nickname "Fidget") was in an accident, a bad accident, and he was killed. She first tried to run away and hide. I held her fast so she couldn't run away. Then she started making her "This feels so huge I can only make these grunting harrumphing animal-sounding noises" sounds. She ran to her room, and after a few minutes, we went to check on her. She was in her fort we had built earlier today. She sounded all cheery when she said, "Welcome to my fort! Come see what it's like inside!" I thought she had detached, and I guess we all have in order to function.

Then later, her comments helped me know she's processing. We were talking about why we're driving to TN again, and I told her we are going to be there for Uncle David, Aunt Susan, and Erik. She said, "It just doesn't sound right without Fidg."

Please pray that as she loves on her cousin Erik (Fidg's brother), Jesus will wrap them both in His loving arms and give them safe places to grieve with each other.

Cami and Michael are asleep, and I'm headed that way. We'll be Twittering so my folks can keep up with us. You can follow, too, so you'll know how to pray. My id is candijd. Michael's is michaeljd. I think you have to join Twitter (it's free), then request to follow me. I'll approve it, of course. We've found twittering a great way to notice mundane details and spurt out bits as they're happening. It's great therapy, almost like scrapbooking. (There you go, Josh---an answer to that question you asked in your blog awhile back.)

I have a load of laundry in the washer, repairmen supposed to show up at 9:00 a.m., fresh fruits and vegetables on the kitchen counter, and a neighbor who is already praying for us and loving on us. She's a believer, and God blesses me so much through her smiles and love.

We treasure your prayers and love, too. Thanks for listening.

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