Thursday, July 17, 2008

Freak Accident (?)

Y'all pray hard for us for the next little while.

This morning, our nephew was killed in what the papers are calling a "freak accident" in his back yard. (You can read the story and see the report for yourself here.)

I don't believe in accidents. I believe in a sovereign, loving God Who is good, Who loves us more than we will ever understand, Who holds us in His hands, Who doesn't cause bad things (they happen because we live in a fallen world where evil abounds), but instead He redeems them as He works all things for His Purpose and our good.

And now I have the privilege of walking out that faith. One step, then the next, then the next. . .

You can see why everyone in the family (except Granny) called Nathaniel "Fidg" (short for "Fidget"). This video was taken June 19, 2008 at the Cousin Birthday Party we had the day after PawPaw's funeral. (Fidgie's and Cami's great-grandfather's funeral.)

As I was praying with Cami tonight, I said, "Lord, please be with Aunt Susan, Uncle David,"

(I paused because this is where Fidg's name should go.)

"and Erik."

Cami said, "We know where Fidgie is."

I smiled and said, "Yes, we do."

She said, "He's with Jesus."

We prayed some more, then she said, "Hey! Fidgie's the only kid who gets to play with angel collies. You can see them if you look real hard. And long."

So. It begins, and she gets it more than I do.

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revnace said...

I thank God for each of you. Cami is amazing!