Friday, July 18, 2008

Lonely Without Fidg

A conversation with Cami today:

Me: Okay, Cami, one more minute then we have to get out and get dressed.

Me (in response to the frowning harrumphing face that looked at me around the shower curtain): If we don’t get dressed, we can’t go see Erik. Or Aunt Betsy.

Cami: It doesn’t sound right without Fidg. (She’s said that many times since Wednesday evening.)

Cami (after a pause where I could see the processing happening behind her eyes):

It sounds really lonely without Fidg.

Me: Just imagine how Erik must feel.

Cami: Yeah---it must be lonely to not have any brothers or sisters to play with.

Cami (after another thoughtful pause):
But I’m kind of like Erik’s sister. Maybe I could be someone he plays with. Then maybe he won’t feel so lonely.

We’re taking the next step.

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Brittany said...

wow, I'm so sorry. I'm praying for all of you!
lots of love!!!