Friday, June 20, 2008

On Funerals and Birthdays

I'm listening to my daughter and husband sit on the front porch and chat about life, plans, and work.

We've been through a whirlwind week. We left Virginia on Monday afternoon headed to Tennessee for Michael's grandfather's funeral. More posts will follow about the details of the week, but for now I just want to think about how it all fits together.

You know that verse: Jesus holds the universe together (Colossians, I think). I've been impressed by what that verse means lately. Not only does Jesus keep the universe from flying apart (see the post on Laminin), but He connects everything.

Michael has needed a break from work. Our family has needed "just us" time for a long while. Michael's PawPaw has been waiting to go home to Heaven (he was 90 years old). Breaks in relationship with Michael's family have needed restoration. I have needed alone time with my husband.

Jesus is fulfilling all those needs, all this week, all at once.

Michael has been here---really here, not at work in his head while his body is with us. Work is continuing without his bodily or mental presence.

The three of us are in the Great Smoky Mountains in a cabin in Black Mountain, North Carolina. We're here for two nights. Our little cabin has a bunkbed for Cami, two bedrooms for privacy, no cell phone or internet (except for the Mac---ha!), and a front porch with rocking chairs and a "couch swing" (Cami's description). Cami has spied a hammock out back, and there's a river or creek nearby---I heard it last night. Lots of exploration possibilities.)

PawPaw had been in a nursing home since mid-December. Before that, he'd had trouble remembering people and things. He's been waiting to go home to see Jesus for a long time. Now he has a new body and a new mind---perfect and restored, just as he was meant to have.

This visit with Michael's mom's family was the best I ever remember. No masks, no games, no agendas. Just grief. And love. And good memories. The funeral was on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday around lunchtime, we all met at Old Fort Park in Murfreesboro for a Cousin Party. Aunts Faith and Susan, Uncles David and Jim, Nana, and cousins Erik and Fidge all met us with balloons, chocolate birthday cake, Chick-Fil-A, and presents to celebrate Cami's 8th birthday next Sunday. She's never been able to celebrate her birthday with her two favorite cousins.

After seeing God's provision abound so far, I can't wait to see how the alone time with my husband is connected to Jesus' grand plan! (Details to follow---maybe.)

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mandy said...

blessing to you and your family in this time.
i'm catching up on blogs and wanted to stop by for a hello. :)