Monday, May 19, 2008

A Step-Back Season

My friend Betsy said she's ready for a new blog from me.

So here it is.

You know, I haven't done much blogging in the past few months, but I write a lot of profound stuff in emails. Maybe I should just copy and paste all that pondering into multiple blog entries. (Recycling is a good thing, right?) Then, my heart will be posted here for my three faithful readers, and I'll feel less like I've been neglecting to blog.

I've finished most of the responsibilities I had on my plate (except Cami and homeschooling---that one is neverending!), and new responsibilities won't start for a few weeks. So I have time. I just can't seem to organize it.

My friend Evonnie was telling me about those days with her children's behavior, when it seems they've forgotten all progress or growth that they've made, and she starts to feel frustrated and ineffective as a mom. Her husband Scott said, "We're just having a Step-Back Day." The kids haven't actually forgotten all their progress, and Evonnie's still an effective mom.

It's just a step-back day.

Which brings my thoughts back around to the reality of seasons. I grew up in Northwest Florida, where there are two seasons: hot and muggy (March 1st-ish through October 31st-ish), and not quite so hot and muggy (November 1st-ish until about the end of February). No deciduous trees to speak of, mostly evergreens and shrubbery.

Northern Virginia has four seasons complete with subsets of seasons. There's early spring with still-bare trees and spurts of green with daffodils and tulips; and late spring with flowering trees, lilies, and steady winds. There's early summer with its welcome warmth, and mid-summer which tends to be hot and buggy. (That's the season when Mosquito-Time comes earlier and earlier in the afternoon.) Each season and sub-season has its own allergy season, and of course, we can't leave out the cherry blossom season.

So--I'm changing seasons. (Hey, Betsy! A shift!) My step-back time is done for now. I purpose to fill this new season with:
  • daily rest
  • frequent blogs
  • extended outside time
  • careful listening
  • deep breathing

There you go, Betsy: a new blog AND a list!!!

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