Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Worshiping a Spider-God

Contemplating worshiping God in spirit and truth has been my blog project for a few posts.

Betsy's son Joshua wrote the following post on his blog from Australia. He's in school at Hillsong's International Leadership College. I thought the timing was impeccable, and the metaphor intriguing:

I was running and having an awesome time praying and singing and enjoying life, and what do I notice? A spider that could easily eat small children.

Yeah, yeah....gross! But beautiful!

I’m pretty sure that the spider in the picture is the same kind of spider I saw. I had one like it before, and was instantly captured by how absolutely beautiful it was. Oh, how wonderfully and intricately crafted it was. I could see the creativity of God all over it!

And I wanted throw up and run away.

I believe God wants us to view Him like that.

“He wants us to look at Him and throw up and run away?!”

No! It’s a writer’s device. I’m drawing you in.

God is so beautiful, yet His glory is more than we can understand and more than we in our broken, fallen human state can handle. We should have that awesome reverent fear of Lord, and at the same be in awe of how beautiful He is. He’s not just pretty and nice like a flower. He’s gorgeous and scary and untouchable like a fire---like a spider!

Now, friends, don’t get me wrong. God longs for us to be near Him SO MUCH that when we were separated from Him by sin, He said “Oh man! How can I restore relationship with My children? Well, I can’t change Myself, so I’ll have to change them. I’ll have to make it so they are righteous in My eyes. I’ll have to send Jesus.” God has made it so we can sit at His feet. He wants us to! But let’s remember that He’s powerful and dangerous! He’s a spider-God! Hah hah......

Thanks, Josh. (Eeeeeewwwwwwww!!!)

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