Thursday, March 27, 2008

What Is True Worship?

From Rich Copeland, worship leader at McLean Bible Church, in an email:

My dog Lincoln worships me.

He wants nothing more than to be next to me, touching me. He follows me from room to room because he doesn't like for me to be out of his sight. If I move, he moves with me, repositioning himself to remain as close to me as possible. If it is not a time that he can rest his head in my lap, then he often lays at my feet and looks up at my face. He feels anxious if there is so much as a closed door between us and watches me from whatever window allows him the best view.

And for all this reverence and adoration, he is positively joyful. He loves to play, to romp around in the world I have provided him, enjoying the gifts and amusements I offer him. If he looks around and realizes he has wandered out of sight of his beloved master, he runs back.

His worship is pure. There is no notion of legalism, no pretense of ceremony or formality. Such concepts are beyond him, so his "worship experience" is not encumbered by them. He never thinks, "I am giving reverence to my master." He's too simple to think such things.

Sometimes I think we make too much out of what worship "ought to" look like. Worship leaders get blamed all the time for encumbering someone else's "worship experience." Or worse, we get credit for providing you with a "worship experience."

Do you positively adore God? Then do everything you can to live your life right up next to Him. Follow the example of my stupid, precious dog, who's just too childlike to be anything other than sincere.

There. Now you're worshiping.

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