Monday, March 3, 2008

Planning Corporate Worship

A worship service is like an artist’s canvas for me.

I love how God puts songs on our hearts.
Then we try to string those songs together
according to key signatures, or tempos, or words, or whatever.

Then--when we plug the song list into a worship service plan,
not knowing exactly what the speaker’s going to teach
(and the speaker doesn't know the songs we've picked)---

the end result is always amazing to me,
how God just weaves it all together for His Glory and our enlightenment.

I stand back and admire the beautiful work of art
that we, together with God, have created.


revnace said...

I believe creating is a spiritual discipline... wonderful.

Brittany said...

It is amazing!!!
Ours is like that too. Some days are literally just thrown together. Other days we sit and pray about what should be included. God is so timely too! He knows what we should sing before we do and he uses songs in ways I have not anticipated. :)
Thanks for helping me look at this as God's creation, not just a song list I have to help pick out. :)