Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's In My Head

More input on the question "What Is Worship?" from my friend Midge Cole, in an email:

Just wanted to share 2 quick things - one, we just studied the part of Leviticus where the temple is finally complete and the priests are consecrated and they offer up the first sin offering for the people of Israel. All the people are gathered together, and God reveals His glory to them and then fire comes out of His presence and consumes their offering. It says then, "when the people saw it, they shouted for joy and fell facedown." I believe God does so desire we shout for joy to Him, but He is truly delighted when we do it with a heart attitude that is facedown.

The other really cool thing we have talked about in this study is how we as humans deal with our sin. So often so much of what we struggle with is an attitude of our minds even more than an attitude of our hearts. We often pray for God to change our heart on certain matters, but the reality is if we are in Christ He has already done that for us. What we need to be praying is for God to change our minds, and He talks about that over and over in the New Testament. If we renew our thinking in view of God's will and His Word instead of what the world tells us to think, then not only will our worship be what it should be, our lives will be what they should be. My struggle when I come to church to worship is so often not in my heart - my heart loves Jesus and truly desires to live for Him. My struggle is in my mind, by allowing it to be too crowded with all these things your friend mentioned, and not truly in line with my heart and it's great love and gratitude for Jesus.

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