Saturday, February 2, 2008

Songs of Deliverance

The following excerpt was left in a comment on a friend's blog.

Beth Moore (sounds like from Get Out of That Pit, which I have but haven't read. . .) wrote:

The songs of heaven are unceasingly sung. But most of us can’t hear them b/c God hasn’t unstopped our ears. Nevertheless, you can know they’re being sung and – here’s the best part for our present purposes—never more vividly than when a person like you or like me is being delivered.

Psalm 32:7-- You are my hiding place;
You will protect me from trouble
and surround me with songs of deliverance.

If that’s true—and God Himself says it is—some of those very songs are playing right now. … If you’ve been in a pit God wants nothing more for you than deliverance and He has surrounded you with accompaniment on your journey out. Take it seriously, No, take it joyfully. Gloriously! Think of the most dramatic movie you’ve ever seen. Hear the haunting score of the battle saga “Glory”. The thrilling score of final victory in “Return of the King”…

Now imagine something even better. Surely you don’t think earthly movie producers and composers have anything on God. Every Oscar winning expression of music is a mere echo of the God in whose image the clay-footed composer was created. With all this in mind, can you possibly think that God would deliver you in your real-life drama engaging both heaven and earth without powerful accompaniment? Without poundings of percussion in the fury? Without weeping violins in the melancholy? Without trumpets of God in the victory? Without instruments you’ve never seen and sounds you’ve never heard? Not on your life. The originator of surround sound, God, chases you down with melody and hems you in with harmony until your raptured soul finds liberty and your aching feet find stability. Christ, the King, the creator of the Universe, seeks and surrounds you with songs of deliverance!

Can you let that sink into your swollen soul? Can you allow yourself to feel that loved? That sought? That significant? ….

Go ahead and sing by faith. I know one thing… the music is playing. And who knows? Maybe our souls can hear what our ears can’t discern.

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