Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Still Standing

I woke up this morning to a request from my eldest nephew.

Apparently, my sister has a MySpace profile, and she's found her birth children on MySpace. She's trying to contact them.

My nephew sent me a message asking me to intercede with her so she won't contact them anymore.

I went to the profile, and it's creepy. Sounds like a crazy person.

It's been 20 years this year since our safe, cushy lives were bombed and gutted.

As Melisa says, it's been 20 years that Almighty God has remained sovereign over all our lives.

After lots of tears and momentary panic, insightful prayers from my friend and remembered promises from Jesus, I received an email from Betsy. She's posted her first blog of 2008. This blog, as most of Betsy's blogs do, includes a picture and a song.

For me, her blog includes an embrace from Jesus. And wisdom and faith that I can lean on, borrow from, rest in. And a scripture that has resonated in my life for over 20 years.

Read Betsy's blog. God speaks through it.

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betsy said...

Can you even imagine if we had been given details of the story or even the timeframe of 20 years when we were sitting in that stairwell at Belmont? Melissa is right in pointing you back to God's sovereignty. It’s what we do for each other when we’re in community. The Holy Spirit via our prayers and encouragement to each other, orients us.

And the compass always points to WHO He is.

And our only response is to worship. (Which is nice because it’s what we were made for…)

Love you friend. Thank you for letting your story unfold with such honesty. I’m waiting for the next chapter like I wait for a new Heroes episode! ☺