Monday, September 3, 2007


My house is a wreck. For those of you who've been here, it's more of a wreck than usual.

We've been trying to make our space nicer, cleaner, more efficient.

To do that, things have to change.

It started with a trip to Florida for Cami and me, during which Michael painted the living room. We'd been talking about it for months---I guess he finally got the gumption. It looks great! He even bought some nice artwork for the walls.

Of course, with the walls looking so great, it was time for new furniture in the living room. (Thank You, Jesus!) The furniture looks nicer, sits more comfortably, reclines and all----but the dog isn't allowed on the couch. He used to jump up there and sit beside me after everyone had gone to sleep. That was Mommy and Buddy time, on the old couch.

The old couch was a loveseat, really, a gift from my parents who had decided to make their space nicer, cleaner, more efficient. Michael, Cami, and I couldn't all fit on the couch together. Now we can, with room to spare.

After new living room furniture came the 47" HDTV that Michael has always wanted. (Thank You again, Jesus, for allowing Michael's company to give him such a great bonus!) And of course, the one remote that turns everything on and off.

Then, during Michael's ear surgery, my good friend gave us a beautiful dining room table and six matching chairs. The old table was a gift from a different friend, and it served us well. But it only had two chairs, and I kept telling the Lord I want to have people over for dinner.

Now I can.

The latest addition to our main living space? The buffet and dining hutch that goes with the dining table and chairs. It's all so beautiful, and the buffet will serve as a great storage space for our daily homeschool supplies.

Jesus has blown me away with His provision---His blessing---lately. His material blessing. He heard my heart's wanting to be a hostess. He heard my husband's heart's wanting to have matching "heirloom quality" furniture.

So why is it so hard for me to trust Him with the everyday details of my life? Why do I keep falling back into the "what if" habit? I believe in my heart of hearts that He is going to provide mightily and appropriately. I know in my knower that He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that I can ever ask or even imagine.

Still, this angst in me.

I think it's because I'm uncomfortable with transition. And I've passed that on to my girl. Michael painted Cami's room today. Our upstairs is a shambles. She'll sleep in the floor of our room on her mattress.

But she's been so grouchy today! All week, in fact.

All I can figure is it's because things are changing.

How can I help her gracefully and joyfully embrace the fact that things are ALWAYS changing?

(Maybe if I learn how to do that myself?)

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